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Pt 2 Of about me

I forget where I left off but on July 9th I try to do a Zoom Interview with Madelyn Hoffman(GP) Candidate for Cory Booker's seat which she didnt win

but she did well anyway I then interviewed Angela Walker who was Vp (GP) and (SPUSA) they wanted to have a leftist unity thing that didn't happen it was Socialist Alternative that joined the Dems through the DSA in the mean time I also later went to my first downtown Columbus event not long after me and my Fiance moved to downtown Columbus you can check her out on twitch as she place Zelda and other games anyway I got a Interview with Howie Hawkins himself which is on my I also Have interviewed Joseph Kishore of the (SEP) Socialist Equality Party anyway so now you can hear me on anchor Im still on youtube also



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