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Broadcast by 105 radio stations in 5 countries


Latest science, authors, issues – from climate change, oceans, forests, pollution, solar storms, the economy, and peace. Ready for re-broadcast, computer, iPod, or mp3 player. As heard on over 104 non-profit radio stations in 5 countries.

Alex Smith – photo by Philip Smeltzer

About Alex Smith
Host of syndicated weekly Radio Ecoshock Show – the cutting edge with top scientists, authors and activists. Fourteen years on the air as of 2020. Previously a researcher for global environment group, print journalist, homesteader, world-traveler, and private investigator.

Contact Alex by using the website contact form.

I’ve funded Radio Ecoshock out of my own pocket from the beginning. Now downloads and costs have greatly increased and I need your help to keep going. Please visit the Radio Ecoshock Donate page, if you can. Thank you for caring about our world!

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