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The Bradcast

Brad is an L.A.-based investigative journalist/blogger, political commentator, broadcaster, author, Commonweal Institute Fellow, and the Publisher and Executive Editor of The BRAD BLOG (

As a writer, he has been a regular contributor to Salon, National Memo, The Progressive, Truthout and Trial Lawyer Magazine. He's written for Mother Jones, The Guardian in the UK, Slate, Huffington Post, AlterNet, Editor & Publisher, ComputerWorld, Columbus Free Press, Harvard's Nieman Foundation of Journalism, Hustler and many other non-pornographic publications and websites. Links to many of his articles and editorials at those publications and elsewhere can be found here.

On radio, after five years as the regular fill-in host for the nationally syndicated Mike Malloy Show, he now hosts the nationally (and internationally) syndicated program The BradCast each weekday. It's heard on flagship affiliate Pacifica Radio's KPFK and many other terrestrial air stations and Internet outlets around the world.

In the spring of 2011, Brad's hard work finally paid off when he discovered that he (and his family) had become targets at the center of a $12 million U.S. Chamber of Commerce smear, disinformation and spy plot that was to turn tools developed for the "War on Terror" against U.S. citizens. Thankfully the scheme was exposed to daylight just before it was to put into action.

"Perhaps the most dogged critic of electronic voting machine technology in the blogosphere."- The New York Times

"Investigative reporter par excellence Brad Friedman" -- Greg Palast

Brad Friedman is one of the best reporters out there, one of the best guys writing these days." -- Thom Hartmann

Brad is also the producer and co-host of the nationally syndicated "Green News Report", a regular 6-minute radio feature heard on stations and podcasts across the country, with his partner and co-host Desi Doyen.

Brad is a 2010 Project Censored award winner, recognized for "Outstanding Investigative Journalism" for his coverage of "The Mysterious Death of Mike Connell—Karl Rove’s Election Thief". He also contributed a chapter to Project Censored's compendium Censored 2010: The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008-09 book on the enormous problems encountered by voters in the 2008 Election.

He is also co-founder of the non-partisan government corruption watchdog and Election Integrity organization

Reports and breaking news from his popular website, The BRAD BLOG, are frequently cited by the national media, and can be read at

In addition to appearances on ABC News, CNN, CourtTV, Fox "News" Channel, MSNBC and elsewhere to discuss his reporting on a variety of issues, Brad is also featured in a number of documentary films which highlight his work, including:

Along with co-writer Michael Richardson, Brad contributed a chapter on the illegal certification of electronic voting machines in Nevada in 2004 for Mark Crispin Miller's 2008 book Loser Take All.

"You're a jerk."
-- Bill O'Reilly, on The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly

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