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WGRN Announcements

Color printable 2-page PDF program schedule grid with show descriptions.

NEW SHOWS (* local production): Grassroot Ohio*, with Carolyn Harding (dedicated environment & social justice activism including ColsBillOfRights, RadioactiveWasteAlert.

Cool Solutions--Regular citizens doing cool stuff like installing bike lanes,  making veggie school lunches, composting as a livelihood. Tools to bring these solutions home to you.

For a Green Future--Hosted by Toledo's Joe Demare, he discusses a wide range of topics from the health of Lake Erie to carbon-negative housing to saving the whales.

When the Biomass Hits the Wind Turbine*, with Annie & Jay Warmke (walking the talk—with sustainable pioneering—goats, renewables, earthen dwellings, spirituality)

Dane Wigington's Geoengineering Watch, on effects of solar radiation management. 

Le Show, with Harry Shearer (political & cultural satire)

Hot Jazz Review (Blue Stomps and Rags from the early 1900's)

RETURNING SHOWS: The Laura Flanders Show (current events viewed from the left)

The Pink Pill* (women's advocacy)

CURRENT LOCAL SHOWS ADDING ARCHIVES:  Bob's Basement Jazz now has added all its shows to our archive server for on-demand listening or downloading. Go to this website:

The Other Side of the News,  with Bob Fitrakis, archived at 

Conscious Voices,  with Evan Davis, archived at

Welcome To Columbus Ohio's Own!

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WGRN, in Columbus, Ohio, is a project of the Central Ohio Green Education Fund (COGEF), and  is affiliated with the Pacifica Radio Network.  COGEF is a tax-exempt 501c(3) non-profit organization doing business as WGRN-LP, an FCC-licensed Low Power FM radio station.

WGRN is supported in part by:

Puffin Foundation West LLC,  Community Shares of Mid Ohio, Actual Brewing Company, Central Ohio Green Education Fund
& listeners like you!

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