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It's All Happening


Your Soundtrack For Interesting Times

Where Music Is The Antidote

A weekly music-based program delivering an inspired reinvention in how we inform ourselves about and experience the world we live in. The latest creative endeavor from Big Beef Productions, "It's All Happening" brings together decades of creative production experience, combining its producer's musical & cultural aesthetic sensibilities with their years of civic-political engagement and consciousness.

Each episode is an hour of music of various styles and eras, interwoven together in a collage of news and information, commentary and perspectives that delves into how our world works.

Listeners have called it "entertaining and thoughtful," noting that the program is "The right combination of message, weirdness and cool tunes." "It's like a cool mix tape from your friend," one that makes for a great soundtrack while on the road. "The show is wild! Cool audio, cool flow!! This is good stuff!"

The program is the latest product of Andy Valeri, long-time veteran community television and radio media producer, independent record label owner and producer, as well as media policy activist.

It's All Happening is a production of Strategic Air Command, a subsidiary of Big Beef Productions.

IAH is Radio Free Everywhere, in which episodes are free to all public and community radio stations who want to add IAH to their programming line up.

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