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Just Calvin

I'm Calvin Taylor from Seattle moved to Columbus due to cost of living started to do a daily Youtube channel called the Autistic Progressive where I would talk about progressive issues when Bernie Sanders got into the 2016 race I got into him and and what Democratic Socialism was he then stepped out I then wanted to vote for a third party candidate and Voted for the PSL Candidate then 2020 came and sanders ran again this time I remembered that DNC said that they not the voters but they choose the Nomination and when that hit me again I had hope that Bernie would instead of continuing with the DNC perhaps that he would run as a independent but he didn't so when he stepped out remembered the green party but didnt know who was

running I then saw Howie Hawkins I looked him up got into him and the green party I then told myself I want to highlight the green party by this time me and my fiance were preparing to move here so I stated to talk about the Green party and wanted to start interviewing my first Guest would then GP candidate for Us Senate Madelyn Hoffman we got to Tiffin on July 9th 2020

How I became next time on the Just Calvin Blog



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