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Series produced by Charles Knower

Follow hosts Theresa Marquez and Anne O’Connor as they expose the realities of our broken food system and explore solutions put forward by our country's brightest change makers. Rootstock Radio is a 29 minute weekly radio show available for broadcast or as a podcast.

Hosted by Theresa Marquez (top) and Anne O’Connor (bottom), the show focuses on food, farming, and family. Each show illuminates and educates listeners about the good food movement— the challenges faced, the change makers and grassroots initiatives that provide promising sparks—and provides solid information about what each of us can do to work toward a healthy, sustainable, and just food system.

A pioneer of the natural foods movement, Theresa Marquez is currently the Mission Executive for Organic Valley. Theresa is always questioning the status quo and digging for the truth, so she created Rootstock Radio to pose these questions to the world and to urge its citizens to work together and take control of their impact on the planet. Anne O’Connor is the Director of Public Affairs at... Show full description

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