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WE CELEBRATE the United Nations International Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and the 39 nations that have ratified it since it was adopted in 2017. We eagerly await the treaty entering into force when 50 nations have ratified it, which will not be long. Parties to the treaty will prohibit all activities related to nuclear weapons when the treaty comes into force. Nuclear weapons will be stigmatized and individual nations protected from retaliation.

WE RECOGNIZE THE CONNECTION between the obscene budgets for weapons and warmaking and the lack of funding for education, housing, health care and other public services. We acknowledge our common understanding that inequality can only be maintained through the use of violence and coercion. We recognize the humanity of every person and vow continue to work together to end inequality in whatever form it takes.

STATEMENT:WE ARE A DIVERSE GROUP of people who share the common goals of ridding the world of the threat posed by nuclear weapons and bringing justice to communities affected by nuclear weapons testing, production and use. We recognize that people of color were the target of the 1945 bombs and subsequent bomb testing. We acknowledge the suffering of Japanese Americans ripped from their homes and placed in internment camps during the war.

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