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Beyond Theory

Beyond Theory is all about walking your talk. We highlight people doing the work to build a new better world in the shell of this old one. Activists, organizers, artists, and organizations are given a voice so they can tell the world how they are addressing a problem head-on and in doing so, they give inspiration to others to make good happen in their communities.

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Lily Kunning is a lifelong activist and organizer who has worked for environmental, labor, and anti-nuclear non-profits and unions, organized music and spoken word events, taught in the public schools, and currently runs an Herbalists Without Borders chapter (and their sliding scale People's Clinics) in Columbus, Ohio.


This show is her way of holding hope and finding the good in humanity in these dark times. Join her and learn about the good work others are doing and how you can do good work, too! Get plugged in!

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